Editorial Board & Workshopping Crew


Catherine Weiss

Catherine is a poet and illustrator living in Florence, MA. Her home venue is Northampton Poetry, where she shows up early and often to slam and move chairs around. Her work has been published in such journals as Voicemail Poems, Melancholy Hyperbole, Jersey Devil Press, Yellow Chair Review, Freezeray Poetry, and Red Eft Review.

She loves workshopping, like, a lot.

More can be found at http://catherineweiss.com.


Xinef Afriam

Xinef Afriam is a performance artist, activist, and educator from Western Mass. His primary focuses are drama and art therapy, socio-theoretical change, and youth education. He studied theater, psychology/sociology, peace & social concerns, and social work at Greenfield Community College. He has worked with several social justice groups and theater/arts groups and has also pursued his own projects and programs within his local community in similar fields.

Currently, Xinef works at his family's church as the choir director and the arts/inspirations leader, with Multi-Arts, a local children's arts camp teaching writing, theater, and music, and with the New England Quaker Community’s young adult program while he pursues a self-designed major studying life coaching, social activism, and organizational therapy.

More here: http://thephoenixcrows.weebly.com


Robbie Dunning

Robbie Dunning self identifies as a sparkly ethereal mess and deluxe jellyfish. They currently reside in Northampton, MA where they help people find their vitamins at the co-op and give lots of hugs. As the Northampton Poetry representative for IWPS 2016 and a member of the 2015 and 2016 Northampton Slam Team at Nationals, Robbie exceeds at traveling long distances in order to have a lot of feelings in a short amount of time. They spend a lot of time wearing space pants and thinking about gender and social inequality and how to make gluten free dairy free things taste better. Robbie would love to see a picture of your adorable pet / child / hobby.

Photo by Veda Leone

Photo by Veda Leone

Jasmin Roberts

Jasmin Roberts hails from Brooklyn, NY, and has lived in the Pioneer Valley for the last eight years. She is an alumnus of Oberlin College and holds a graduate degree from UMass Amherst. She joined the Northampton Poetry scene in 2013, and is the two-time grand slam champion of Northampton, heading Northampton’s National Poetry Slam team twice. She also represented Northampton at the 2015 and 2016 Individual World Poetry Slam competition, as well as the 2016 Women of The World Poetry Slam competition.

Jasmin not only prides herself on writing hard-hitting and introspective poetry that educates and offers commentary on current world issues, but she also likes to remind us not to take ourselves too seriously, by using words like “fuckability” and “homotastic.” She will make you laugh your ass off and question your place in the world in the span of three minutes, and she’ll do it all sporting 4-inch heels and skinny-jean overalls.

For a sample of Jasmin’s work, check out “Black Man, White House” on YouTube via SlamFind.


Malt Schlitzmann

Malt Schlitzmann has been published in Vice and Voicemail Poems. He is best known for his preposterous ideas about grammar and getting personally demeaned by Donald "Rectal Prolapse" Trump. He will read his Harry Potter Erotica if you ask him nicely. Yell at him on Twitter and Facebook.

Photo by Jim Gipe & Pivot Media

Photo by Jim Gipe & Pivot Media

Raven Fowlkes - Witten

Raven Fowlkes - Witten is a current Smith student studying English and Psychology, from Baltimore, Maryland. Raven is a millennial who likes cats, twizzlers, and writing short poems about their family.


Kaia Jackson

Kaia is an expressive arts activity coordinator, youth worker, performer, poet, and femme-inist.  They are passionate about exploring the intersections of individual and community healing through the performance arts and writing. They have written and performed for productions including Let the Body Speak: Performance Project and Survivor Theatre Project, and are currently hosting Wagon Wheel Word in Gill, MA and community arts events at The Treehouse in Northampton, MA.


Matt Bayne

Matt Bayne is a poet and painter. His home mic is at Northampton Poetry. His poems appear in Please Pass the Poem, and Feelings Welcome single issue poetry zines published by Northampton Poetry. You can find his poem called Rail Yard at Drunk in a Midnight Choir.


K! Dymek

K! is a gender fluid poet from the Northampton Poetry Open Mic. They have had their work read on Poetry a la Carte and published in an experimental chapbook pulled together by Huimin Wan, Could You Please Pass the Poem, where their poem features alongside other Northampton Poetry regulars. K!'s poetry draws influence from spoken word and explores themes around gender, identity, and severe anxiety. Come to Northampton Poetry Open Mic to hear more work by this poet and look out for a chapbook coming in Spring 2017.



Slamchop's Editorial Statement


The Slamchop editorial board strives to publish memorable poetry while upholding strong ethical practices.

In all communications we aim to be both professional and empathetic, because we know cavalier attitudes around rejected work can be needlessly hurtful.

We will do our utmost to be impartial judges of all work submitted to us, while reserving the right to reject a poem for any reason, including problematic language, imagery, or intent. We also reserve the right to reject a submission from anyone known to be an abusive member of the community, regardless of the merits of the submission. We reserve the right to accept or reject poetry without explanation to the submitter. 

We will not knowingly publish plagiarized work, but understand that poetry isn’t created in a vacuum and that work we choose to publish may be inspired by previously published works of art. We understand that while attribution may be ideal, requiring the poets we publish to declare every influence is prohibitive. We leave this decision to the discretion of the poet.

It is not the purpose of the Slamchop editorial board to give feedback to improve rejected submitter’s poems, craft, or chances of being accepted in the future. In most cases, we will refrain from giving feedback entirely. We may, however, request minor edits of submissions we intend to accept, for the purpose of maintaining our publication’s high standards.

Slamchop will make every effort to support and publish the work of poets from marginalized communities, including soliciting submissions we think would be a good fit for our journal. However, all work, solicited or otherwise, will be subject to the same process of review by at least two members of our editorial staff before a decision is made. 

We hope that with diligent work we will be able to produce an exemplary journal of poetry.

Catherine Weiss

December 2016