Minxi Chua

Today I made you sandwiches again


Today I made you sandwiches again

For the second time this weekend. Yesterday

It was tuna, today smoked herring. With avocados

Dipped in cream-white honey, each slice of toast

Crisped to servile perfection. You say: honey,

Babe, you’re beautiful. Fingers digging in my ass,

Crumby kisses to my cheek, fish breath on your

Teeth. Subservience had never felt so satisfying.

We please boys best, us chingchong girls. We

Spread ourselves like mustard sauce: thin and

Sublime. Spicy. Bodies juicy as tomatoes, ripe fruity

Flesh, sweet cherry meat – packaged and ready for

Consumption. You eat us up, eat us out and empty.

Minxi Chua was born in Hong Kong, raised in Kuala Lumpur, relocated to Beijing, and educated in New York. She, however, detests traveling. Planes smell funny and there is always a child crying, somewhere. Her poetry explores issues of Chinese womanhood, post-colonialism, and the occasional ex-boyfriend. She is very excited to have a poem that encapsulates all three of these issues published in Slamchop's first issue.