Muggs Fogarty



It’s not all fun and games

between wanting

and seeming strong.


Even Jack sold his prized sow

for the magic bean and he paid

again and again

for his certainty

in uncertainty.


Go lie back down.

It's been a long day

of sitting inside with

the shades drawn,


taking a pill

you don’t need,

remembering how much

you love who you love

and running the bathwater

too hot and fainting

in the steam and dreaming

of slow, white swans

dipping their faces underwater

till the water

chokes you awake.


I’ve taken root

in rigidity.

I don’t give

in to my desires.

They give

into me.


I eat stale bread.

I limit myself to wine.

I sleep when I’m tired

and never touch

anyone else’s hands.


I follow a blog

that only posts pictures

of comfortable looking beds.

I sing to my houseplants.

I am a tender person

hardened over but waiting

for the call


to be all warm and open

for another person’s tender.

The way I want to be,

a dry tongue pulsing for water

Muggs Fogarty is a poet, performer, and teaching artist local to Providence, Rhode Island. A co-director of Providence Poetry Slam and the director of ProvSlam Youth. Muggs also works as an LMT in Providence and can be found fronting the local darkpop band, Lookers.